Hits 102-7 Hidden Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

The 10th Annual Hits 102-7 Hidden Egg Scavenger Hunt is over. Shayla Jackson found the egg under a bridge off the bike path near the disc golf course in Jackson Park. Her and her family won a fantastic sports package from sponsor Splash City. An indoor putting green, dart set, and more.

Below are the clues and what each of the clues meant. Thanks for hunting with us again this year!

Monday 2nd clue: Seven (Referring to Andrew Jackson being the 7th President leading to Jackson Blvd)
Monday 2nd Bonus clue: Peaceful(Because it’s peaceful in that area)

Tuesday 3rd clue: CD’s (The disc golf course)
Tuesday 3rd Bonus clue: 2016 (Because the egg was last hidden in that part of town in 2016)

Wednesday 4th Clue: Fun (You can have fun playing disc golf or regular golf)
Wednesday 4th Bonus clue: President (referring to Jackson Blvd and the first clue given of seven)

Thursday 5th clue: Crocodile (Because there is a Dundee street nearby)
Thursday 5th Bonus clue: Socks (Because Argyle street is close by)

Friday 6th clue: Not a fantasy (Not by Storybook Island)
Friday 6th Bonus clue: Pretty view (because there’s a pretty view)

Monday 9th clue: Before the sweet 16 (Near 32nd street)
Monday 9th Bonus clue: Plastic (Because it’s in a plastic bag)

Tuesday 10th clue: Colorado (Because Colorado is South West of Rapid City and the egg was hidden in the SW part of Rapid City)
Tuesday 10th Bonus clue: Old hickory (referring to Andrew Jackson thus Jackson blvd)

Wednesday 11th clue: No Polo (It’s not as far down as Marco’s Pizza at the golf course)
Wednesday 11th Bonus clue: Bag (Because it’s in a plastic bag)

Thursday 12th clue: Not Brooke and Jubal(Reference to Meadowbrook)
Thursday 12th Bonus clue: Australia (Because it was “down under” the bridge)

Friday 13th clue: Hot Dogs (reference to baseball and the little league field nearby)
Friday 13th Bonus clue: Not exactly Woods (Referring to Tiger Woods and that it’s disc golf not regular golf but regular golf is nearby)

Monday 16th clue: Like the card gameLike the card game (referring to bridge because it was under the bridge)
Monday 16th Bonus clue: Look again(Because it was surely overlooked previously)

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