Jim Gaffigan was perfectly comfortable showing his dramatic side in “Chappaquiddick”

ABC/Lou Rocco(NEW YORK) — Surprised to see comedian Jim Gaffigan in the drama Chappaquiddick? Don’t be.

The actor tells ABC Radio that even though he’s known for his stand-up comedy, he’s perfectly at home in a dramatic role.

“There’s kinda this belief that comedians would feel uncomfortable being serious, but the reality is, is that if it’s a good role, it’s a good role,” he says. “And obviously Chappaquiddick is a fascinating story.”

Gaffigan plays Paul Markham, an attorney and friend of Ted Kennedy’s who helps him cover up the mysterious 1969 car accident that killed campaign strategist Mary Jo Kopechne [co-PECK-nee]. He’s joined in his effort by another lawyer friend of Kennedy’s, Joe Gargan, played by Ed Helms.

“You know, working with Ed was great ’cause you know there’s a time to be serious and a time to be funny, and Ed unfortunately is never funny,” Gaffigan jokes. “No, so it was fun, we had a good time.”

As for whether we’ll see more dramatic roles from Gaffigan, he says he’s already filmed a few.

“Look, I love acting,” he says. “It really just comes down to the process of getting acting jobs and so maybe Hollywood kinda felt like, ‘All right, I guess he can act,’ because now I’m starting to get roles.”

He adds wryly, “Maybe it’s because now I look like an old white guy and there’s a need for old white guys in all these movies.”

Chappaquiddick is in theaters now.

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