Letitia Wright takes pride in playing the smartest character in the Marvel Universe

Marvel Studios(NEW YORK) — Letitia Wright will reprise her role as Wakandan princess Shuri in the upcoming Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War. While it’s safe to say Wright’s character is a genius, earlier this year it was revealed by Marvel producer Nate More that Shuri is actually the smartest person in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and even smarter than her Avengers‘ co-star Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

As Wright ponders her significant elevation in the franchise, the actress tells ABC Radio that it’s genuinely refreshing to know that her character — a woman of African decent — was positioned so highly.

“I think that’s really cool,” Wright says. “Because, you know, we sometimes — when we see people who are “super intelligent” and “super smart,” they don’t really look like me. Do you know what I mean?”

She continues, “So, to have that is a really, really cool and Marvel to be behind it and to be brave enough to say, ‘She is the smartest girl in the universe — in the Marvel Universe’ and ‘Yes, she’s younger than everyone… Her and Peter Parker are pretty much the smartest kids on the block.'”

Of course, Wright is staying mum on how her genius abilities will exactly play out in the upcoming film, but adds that Marvel has been doing a pretty great job of elevating the narrative and allowing a diverse cast to reign supreme.

“I think that’s really brave and really cool,” she adds.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters April 27. Marvel, like ABC News, is owned by Disney.

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