“Scandal” series finale recap: “Over a Cliff”

ABC/Bob D’Amico(LOS ANGELES) — In the final episode ever of Scandal, titled “Over a Cliff,” the gladiators are ready to come clean about B6-13 so they can expose Cyrus and Jake and protect President Mellie from being impeached.

Scandal begins with Olivia entering a dark warehouse where she meets with special prosecutor Lonnie Mencken, who agrees to order a Senate hearing to investigate B6-13. The only problem is, Liv has to promise to have Mellie work on gun control in return. Liv agrees — but shockingly, Lonnie kills himself as a way to guarantee Liv’s senate hearing.

At Quinn and Associates, David Rosen explains to the gladiators that talking about B6-13 to the committee will expose Jake and Cyrus, but also will likely incriminate them.

As the gladiators think of how badly this could end, Liv asks her father to help save her team from being indicted. Eli refuses, and tells Liv she’s not doing the right thing.

At the hearing, the gladiators and everyone who has knowledge of the agency talk about their involvement. They all confess about their knowledge and for some, who they killed. While the senate deliberates, Quinn and the gladiators visit Charlie in jail. There, Quinn marries Charlie with Huck performing the ceremony. 

As Rosen learns of the wedding via Abby, he encounters Jake in a parking lot. Jake threatens to kill him, but Rosen stands up for himself and dares Jake to shoot him.

Later, Cyrus asks Jake if he killed Rosen. When he says no, Cyrus is dumbfounded, calling Jake weak. Jake defends his actions. Out of options, Cyrus calls Rosen to confess to his crimes — but instead poisons him with a drink and kills him by suffocating him. 

The next day, Abby goes to the morgue to see David’s body. They agree they need to act against Cyrus, but  Liv says they need to be the good guys and stay the “white hats.” 

Meanwhile, Quinn begs Eli to help her and her baby get away. Eli refuses, once again saying it’s not smart to talk about command. 

At her apartment, Liv shares what she believes are her last moments with Fitz before she goes to jail. After an emotional back and forth, they decide to have sex.

The next day, the committee ends up postponing the results, because now Eli wants to come clean about B6-13. At the hearing, Eli tells the committee to call him Ronan. He explains to the committee that he has been making America great by his actions.

Eli’s passionate speech ends up taking down Jake Ballard, and he’s soon arrested.

Liv visits Jake in jail. She apologizes to him for making him “step out of the sun,” and for her part in his demise.

The next day, Mellie is exonerated in the court of public opinion. When Cyrus comes to look for her, Liv is in her office and ask Cyrus for his resignation. He reluctantly signs.

After that, Mellie asks Liv to come back so they can work together to restore the public’s trust. Liv says no and tells Mellie that she can do it fine without her.

Everyone seems to have a happy ending for the most part. Liv is back having dinners with her dad. Marcus is by Mellie’s side, Mellie is still president, and Quinn and Charlie are now a happy family.

Abby and Huck, however, seem sad as they visit Rosen’s grave.

After the unveiling of the President Fitz painting at the portrait gallery, it is later revealed that Liv also has a portrait in the gallery. It’s of herself, and alludes to the fact that Liv may not have been a first lady, but certainly was an important woman in the White House.

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