Jason Mraz kicks off Good Vibes tour tonight: “It's gonna be a jam”


ABC/Randy Holmes

Jason Mraz kicks off his Good Vibes summer tour tonight in Grand Rapids, MI.  The tour is starting a few weeks before the August 10 release of Jason’s new album Know., which is why he won’t be bombarding his fans with lots of new songs.  Well, at least not at first.

“The new album, I think, will slowly unfold on the tour,” Jason tells ABC Radio. “I know what it’s like to play new material for an audience and if it’s a really great song they nod their head.  But until they know it, it’s a mystery.”

So while Jason has released a few tracks from Know. so far, including the single “Have It All,” he says his set list will focus on song that his fans know and love.

“Luckily my former self wrote five other albums, and I have a huge catalogue that I can draw from, and my band is phenomenal and it’s gonna be a jam,” Jason tells ABC Radio. “We’re gonna keep the good vibes high. I mean, that’s why we call [the tour] Good Vibes.”

Adding to those good vibes, says Jason, is the fact that he and his band, which is made of up of both male and female musicians, is extremely close.

“There’s a lot of strong female talent on stage…which I think is fun for audiences young and old, because music has just been so male-dominated for so long,” he points out. “And we’re all best friends, so hopefully you see that on stage, too.”

“We hope the audience is made up of best friends as well, and it’s just a shared experience.”  

The tour runs through September 15.  August 7, the documentary Jason Mraz: Have It All The Movie, will screen in theaters nationwide.

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