Taylor Swift cashes in on her cats with new Meredith and Olivia merchandise

Raymond Hall/GC ImagesTaylor Swift is planning to turn her status as pop’s most famous cat lady into cash: Not only has she joined the cast of the upcoming movie musical Cats, but she’s also selling merchandise featuring her two cats Meredith and Olivia.

Taylor trademarked “Meredith & Olivia Swift” and is now using her cats’ likenesses on t-shirts, earrings, pens, makeup cases and stickers that are available for sale on her website.

“A brand new line from the cats of our hearts…Meredith & Olivia Swift,” her site reads, along with a note that the cat products will only be available while supplies last.

The collection runs from $10 for the stickers to $30 for the shirts.

One item that isn’t in the store?  The Meredith & Olivia t-shirt that Taylor’s friend Ryan Reynolds wore in Deadpool 2.  However, they’re pretty easy to find online if you look.

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