Phone Tap

Phone Tap: Flowers To Myself

Jubal’s ordering a bouquet of flowers to himself this morning! Weird? Sure. But everyone copes with breakups in a different way. Find out how Jubal deals in the Phone...

Phone Tap: Dr. Pepper

In today’s Phone Tap, Jubal gets to pose as a high-powered executive and he welcomes a new hire with some “creative suggestions” for how to rapidly advance his career!

Phone Tap: Charge Charge

Unexpected fees are the WORST. There seems to be an additional charge for anything and everything! They don’t even make sense half the time which makes them even more...

Phone Tap: Power Tie

Coming up in today’s Phone Tap, Jubal calls a department store saleswoman to complain that the tie she sold him last week has completely and utterly ruined his LIFE!

Phone Tap: Alysaaaaaaaa

Today’s Phone Tap victim is getting a special but entirely unwanted musical message from her ex-boyfriend and Jubal is super stoked to be the one delivering it!