Shock Collar Question – February 8

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Photo: krisanapong detraphiphat / Moment / Getty Images

Most listeners probably look at this group of RADIO VETS… and think, “Yikes, they don’t seem athletic at all”…. But I’ve worked with all of you for years, and I can say DEFINITIVELY…. That’s not 100% true…

Jose once threw out a pitch at a minor league baseball game… Sure, he tore his Uvula…. and then got winded on the walk back to the dugout… but it was inspiring nonetheless

Brooke, actually completed a DECATHLON last year… doing 10 consecutive trips around a Jack in the Box drive thru (while still not TIPPING once)

And Jeffrey, of course is the only man in medical history to dislocate both of his shoulders just WATCHING a men’s gymnastics routine.

And today your unparalleled athleticism will FINALLY pay off… cuz you’re being quizzed on the Top 20 Most Popular Sports Around the World…. In another edit of Plenty of Twenty!