Two new songs coming this week from Shawn Mendes?

ABC/Matt BrownFans are convinced Shawn Mendes is pulling an Ed Sheeran and dropping not one, but two new songs this week.

The evidence?  Well, he posted “March 22. March 23” on his Instagram.  He’s appearing on Spotify ad posters in major cities with the words “Coming Soon.”  He also posted a new promotional picture, and two blank squares of color, one orangey pink and one brownish-grey.

And finally, fans are convinced that not only are two songs coming, but that they know the song titles: “In the Blood” and “Lost in Japan.”  According to fans, “In the Blood” will come Thursday, followed by “Lost in Japan” on Friday.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed yet, but Shawn is definitely planning something.

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