“Lost in Space” is back, and this time it's serious

Netflix(LOS ANGELES) — Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot debuts Friday. This version finds the Robinson family marooned on a strange planet in the year 2046. Molly Parker, who plays the Robinson clan’s fearless matriarch, says the family leaves earth this time not to explore space, but because of environmental concerns.

“It’s a warning,” she tells ABC Radio. “I think there is a part of this show that is really, you know, be careful what you do. We only have one planet, and it’s pretty scary out there.”

Parker also describes the reboot as an updated, more serious version of the sometimes campy 1965 original.

“Well the ’60s version had this very sort of fantasy, you know going to space was this great fantasy people had, and also it was becoming a reality,” she explains. “But now I think this show is couched a little bit more in this idea of what if you HAD to leave?” 

Lost in Space also stars Toby Stephens, Max Jenkins, Parker Posey and Ignacio Serricchio.


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